Rabbi Yonatan Zakem

Rabbi Yonatan Zakem is the Director of Community Outreach for the Greater Washington Community Kollel. In that role, Rabbi Zakem will be directing and expanding the Kollel's programming throughout the Greater Washington community. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Rabbi Zakem came to the Kollel in 2012 after spending six years in Ner Israel Rabbinical College. While in Ner Israel, Rabbi Zakem received a Bachelors in Talmudic Law and completed a Masters in Education from Johns Hopkins University. Rabbi Zakem’s energy and excitement for Jewish outreach are key ingredients in his ability to inspire and uplift his diverse audiences. In addition to his intense daily curriculum of Talmud study, he teaches a Beginners Talmud class in downtown Washington, and delivers a weekly in depth workshop on the Secrets of Prayer. Rabbi Zakem also leads the Kollel’s Youth Program, where he teaches middle and high school students. In one particularly innovative class, Rabbi Zakem facilitates a spirited discussion with the High School Youth of the community where they explore challenging and thought-provoking cases in Jewish Law. Mrs. Nechama Zakem teaches middle and high school students at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington and also serves as Advisor for the local chapter of Bnos, the national organization for teenage girls.
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13 Principles - Postscript Philosophy 44 min
13 Principles - The Tinok Shenishba Philosophy 50 min
The Eighth Principle - Korach's Mistake Philosophy 45 min
The Eighth Principle - Secrets of Torah Philosophy 39 min
The Eighth Principle - The Authenticity of the Torah Philosophy 52 min
The Eighth Principle - Two Halves of One Torah Philosophy 44 min
The Eighth Principle - With This You Shall Know Philosophy 45 min
The Eleventh Principle - Erase Me From Your Book Philosophy 31 min
The Eleventh Principle - Reward and Punishment Philosophy 41 min
The Eleventh Principle - Reward in This World Philosophy 44 min
The Eleventh Principle - Serving G-d for Reward Philosophy 43 min
The Eleventh Principle - Spiritual Excision Philosophy 42 min
The Eleventh Principle - The World to Come Philosophy 43 min
The Fifth Principle - Free Will of Angels Philosophy 45 min
The Fifth Principle - Intermediaries and the Kabbalistic Sefiros Philosophy 40 min
The Fifth Principle - Praying to G-d Alone Philosophy 31 min
The Ninth Principle - Temporal Taamei Mitzvos Philosophy 40 min
The Ninth Principle - The Absolute Torah Philosophy 40 min
The Ninth Principle - The Eternal Torah Philosophy 33 min
The Ninth Principle- The Challenges Philosophy 40 min
The Seventh Principle - A Prophet Beyond Time Philosophy 46 min
The Seventh Principle - All the Wonders of Moshe Philosophy 40 min
The Seventh Principle - An Angelic Prophet Philosophy 47 min
The Seventh Principle - Dreams and Visions Philosophy 47 min
The Seventh Principle - Father of All Prophets Philosophy 45 min