Rabbi Menachem Winter

Rabbi Menachem Winter is the Rosh kolle of the Greater Washington Community Kollel. He founded the kollel together with his father, Rabbi Kalman Winter ZT''L, making it the first community Kollel in the Greater Washington area. While in Israel, Rabbi Winter studied at the famed “Brisker Kollel” for seven years and has brought his wealth of Torah knowledge back to his hometown. As Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Winter designs the Kollel Scholar’s curriculum and guides their studies, while maintaining a daily course of study among the Scholars. Additionally, he oversees all aspects of the Kollel’s daily activities and programming, and executes its strategic vision for the future. Notwithstanding his academic and administrative duties, Rabbi Winter offers weekly classes in advanced Talmud and Parsha, as well as a number of individualized instruction sessions with members of the community.
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Torah Topics Vayeira - Hachnosas Orchim Vayeira 40 min
Torah Topics Chayei Sarah - Mincha Chayei Sarah 39 min
Torah Topics Vayeitzei - Employer Employee relationships Vayeitzei 41 min
Torah Topics Va'era - Prohibition of Sorcery Va'eira 21 min
Relevant and Contemporary Issues of Lo Yilbash Ki Setzei 59 min
Torah Topics Ki Savo - Berachos Ki Savo 42 min
Torah Topics Netzavim-Vayelech - Teshuva Nitzavim 41 min
Berachos - Hoda'a or Issur Masechta Brachos 46 min
Berachos - Kafrisin Masechta Brachos 42 min
Berachos - Kol She'yesh Bo Masechta Brachos 49 min
Berachos - Kol She'yesh Bo 2 Masechta Brachos 35 min
Berachos - Koses Es Hachita part 1 Masechta Brachos 46 min
Berachos - The Beracha on Pepper Masechta Brachos 45 min
Yesod Birchas Hanehenin Masechta Brachos 39 min
Schach Pasul and Dofen Akuma Masechta Succah 39 min
Sukas Yotzrim Masechta Succah 43 min
Sukkah - Defanos K'Schach Masechta Succah 22 min
Sukkah - Dofen Akuma Masechta Succah 58 min
Sukkah - Gezeiras Tikra Masechta Succah 42 min
Sukkah - Kedushas Hasukkah 1 Masechta Succah 27 min
Sukkah - Kedushas Hasukkah 2 Masechta Succah 42 min
Sukkah - Migo D'havei Dofen Masechta Succah 68 min
Sukkah - Mitztaref S'chach Pasul Masechta Succah 38 min
Sukkah Tefach Haichan Mamido Masechta Succah 44 min
Tefach Sochek Tzuras Hapesach Masechta Succah 38 min